Our Brand

who we are

We are both a family and a business.   We have been searching out and testing the best and purest organic personal care products for the last three decades — and we also create and produce our own 100% natural, organic soap.   We believe that organic is not just a way of life for a small, wealthy sector.   It should be available to all families and individuals at a sensible and affordable price, and that’s what we’ve worked hard to do.

Our founder, Andrew, is a native Floridian who began his journey to living organically thirty years ago when he started to discover the negative effects of pollutants, chemicals and toxins in commercial food and products.   His younger son, Corey, was born with autism, and his older son, Casey, was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma at age eleven.   At the time, the organic movement was very new, but Andrew, concerned about his sons’ health, knew he was on to something.  He started learning everything he could about what goes into the stuff we eat, touch and breathe — and then went on to find the best organic products and ingredients he could to help his family thrive.

Andrew had a vision of creating his own organic soap company that would be affordable for everyone and readily available through home delivery.  That vision became One Stop Organics.    Today we are more committed than ever to providing high quality, 100% natural, organic personal care products for your home and family.


We create and curate organic personal care products not because it’s a fad or a big time commodity — we want to actually make the world a better place by making organic goods accessible to people from every background.   We even give a portion of all our proceeds to the Cole Preston Foundation, who in turn help provide healthy organic produce and teach sustainable organic gardening to communities in need.


Our products are 100% sustainable.   The wood we use to make our hand-made soap dishes are sourced from cypress trees that have fallen naturally, and the packaging material we wrap our products in is completely recycled.   We do everything in our power to keep the earth healthy so it will be with us for a long time to come.


 We believe in using the closest and most local sources possible.  We use both produce and resources from Florida wherever possible, and all our products are made in the USA. 


Animals are friends, not science experiments.   We make our furry family members proud by testing our products only on ourselves and we are committed to keeping it that way.